Campaign Finance

In the modern times, presidential campaigns financing has changed the way the candidates emerge from the field as well as how they position themselves during the long campaign. According to Citizen Equality Act, there is need for the United States constitution to put into consideration the election structures reforms, the…continue reading →

No country for old men Movie

The film “No country for old men” was directed by Ethan Coe and Joel and was based by a comic story by McCarthy in his novel under the same title. The protagonists in the film include Javier Bardem, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin. The movie narrates a story about…continue reading →

Compare and Contrast Tokugawa and Manchu China

The Tokugawa period in Japan was also referred to Edo Period. The Tokugawa was the final period of the customary Japan which was characterized by political stability, internal peace and economic growth despite being under the rule of military dictators who were led by Tokugawa Ieyasu. As Tokugawa achieved dominion…continue reading →

Macroeconomic Systems: Capitalism vs. Socialism

Capitalism macroeconomic system is a form of economic systems that is characterized by absence of the government intervention and free markets. In reality, this form of economy does not exist full as the government is expected to participate in provision of health, national defense and education. Nevertheless, the economies with…continue reading →

The pattern of development from A. garhi to H. sapiens

Human evolution is basically the process through which the human beings on earth have developed from. The modern human beings are Homo sapiens with characteristic of upright walking and with a culture. The human evolution study has been characterized by amazing controversy, discoveries and massive public interest. The Australopithecus hominids…continue reading →

Team Work

Part A In order for the leaders and the followers in an organization to accomplish its goals and objectives they must play as a team in decision making process. The power of influence influences how the leaders lead other people. Leading involves taking a course, opinion, action, influencing, directing and…continue reading →

Socialism in America

Socialism is a political and economic system that advocates that all the factors of productions in a country should be controlled by the whole society or community.  America mistrust socialism economic system because it had failed before and adopting it will mean its economy will still fail in the future…continue reading →

Articles Review

PART ONE Which of the following is an example of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)? a US firm ….. starting a joint venture in Korea with a Korean firm buying a bond floated by a Korean firm selling products in Korea through a Korean distributor subcontracting work to a firm in…continue reading →

The Grayoson Chemical Company

The key players in the Grayson Chemical Company and manufactures of the industrial chemicals which is sold in other industrial companies include: the stockholders, investment bankers and the board of directors. Robert Temple is the chairman of the board of directors while, Hartley Ashford and James Allen are the other…continue reading →

Environmental Economics

Question: 1 Given the increased fuel insecurity, pollution, prices and climate instability, there has been the need for transition from old sources of energy such as coal, oil and natural gases to the new enrage powered by geothermal, solar and wind. Currently, carbon dioxide emitted from the use of coal…continue reading →