Background of the study

It is sole duty of all the individuals concerned with sports in any position, ranking or institution to observe the idea of proper ethical conduct, sportsmanship and fair play under all conditions. The values of ensuring that the games are played fairly should always be stressed and actions which might hinder these values must be disapproved (Ruth, 2015). Courtesy should be the order of the day for all the parties concerned.  Acceptance and understanding the rules of the game should be respected throughout the preparation and game session. The role of this work is to highlight the ethical dilemma associated with sports.

Ethical dilemma associated with sports

As a couch I have a role of ensuring sportsmanship and being a role model in all the areas associated with the sport. Despite the fact that my school team won to play in the final contest in the state and that the all the non-athlete had to pay for the entrance fees.  The request from the principle to allow his friends to enter in the field without pay for the entrance fee was unethical and against the sportsmanship (Titus, 2011).  As a couch I would sincerely inform the principal the need for honesty in the competition in a courteous manner in order to avoid breaking the rules of the games and those of the associated avenue.  Just in case the principal emphasized on the issue I would try to convince the security personnel in regard to the issue but if they refuse I would inform the principle the importance of sportsmanship.


Given the game must be fair in all areas, I would inform the principle the need for his friend paying in the entrance in order to set a good picture of being honest and fair (Titus, 2011). The success of the game is determined from the preparation of the players, coach and the administrators. Therefore, it is of great importance for all the parties concerned to ensure fairness, honesty and set a good example for others to follow.


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