Please review attachments first before writing the paper. Please read the instructions and let me know if you have any questions.

In this module, you will be adding the next piece to your final project, the analysis section.
Creating a design proposal requires planning and a specific format for putting your ideas together. Chapter 1 of your textbook outlines this process and gives a summary overview of what the proposal should look like. The following is a partial list of the elements of a research proposal.
Problem or Objective
Literature Review
Research Questions
Subjects for Study
Data Collection Methods
Your proposal paper should address all seven elements with special emphasis on element #7. Remember you have already submitted a paper in Module 6 which addressed the first six elements, and you need only summarize these first six components of the proposal in no more than 4 pages of the M7A1: Paper 4: Statistical Tests Proposal. In an additional 2-4 pages, describe the kind of statistical analyses you plan to conduct. Indicate the purpose and logic supporting your proposed analyses, and specify the precise descriptive and/or inferential statistical analysis techniques that you would use to address your research questions. Describe the explanatory variables that your analyses will consider, and how you will know whether you have addressed the research questions adequately. Remember to use citations in the APA style and include a reference page.