You work in the marketing department of a brand of your choice that sells
low involvement products found in a supermarket. Your boss has asked you to create a brand extension that will be added to their portfolio that meets both the brand’s short-term and long-term objectives. Your final report needs to convince your boss.

1. How it fits within the brand’s core nature, positioning and personality
2. How it meets the brand’s long and short term objectives
3. How it fits within their existing portfolio

Further Guidence:

You must select a brand that can be found in a supermarket.
Write a report to include

1. Background of the brand
This should include details of who the brand is, what the brand hierarchy is and where your brand sits within the wider brand architecture. Identify the brands long term and short term objectives.

2. Analysis of the selected brand
Consider how the brand is creating value by critically analysing the brand
elements and associations. In particular, comment on how these are being
used to differentiate/make the brand distinct. Identify the brand personality.

3. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning of the brand
Provide a rationale of how the brand is segmenting their market and who they are targeting. You will need to undertake a competitor analysis for the various brand formats and justify if and how the brand is positioned. e.g product format, features and intended usage, key segments, SWOT etc…

4. Marketing mix of the brand
Undertake a product analysis by identifying the different marketing mixes of the products in the brand’s portfolio and comment on any inconsistencies. e.g. direct/ indirect competitors

5. Rationale for new product/service extension
Using the information you have gathered in the previous sections, provide a rationale for a new brand extension, justifying where it sits in the existing portfolio and how its introduction will meet the brands long and short term objectives.

Understand and apply key processes for building and sustaining brands, and hence achieving the brand’s long and short-term objectives.

Consider the core nature of a brand, whilst exploring the need for integration between the brand pyramid and the brand’s positioning and personality.

Critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of the various approaches to analysing advertising using semiotics, textual and nontextual analysis, and appraise how different consumers of the advertising will interpret the advertising.