The portfolio I have uploaded as ‘Summative_2_OFFICIAL_.doc’ is what needs to be either rewritten or fixed, as the mark I received was not up to par, according to the grading system ‘Level_4_written_CRG.pdf'(also uploaded).
The portfolio is made up of 8, 600 word reflective pieces, all referenced accoridngly. Harvard referencing is needed to be used and have been told that there was not enough in text referencing. Also, all full references should be NHS, World Health Organisation, NICE guidelines, amongst so many British and other references should be used for this portfolio. A UK writer would be preferred.

This portfolio must be using Driscoll’s reflective tool(which must be referenced). There is a template that I have uploaded ‘Clinical_skills_portfolio_TEMPLATE.docx’, which needs to be used as the template for the portfolio, as in the example documents. Under each subject for clinical skills we were asked to talk about one of the given aspects, for example, Fundamental Aspects of Care, I chose to write about Hygiene, which was one of the subjects to chose from.
Please can section 6 be rewritten, I would like it to be written about Communication Barriers in Practice, rather than the VERA framework. I have attached a file ‘Service_User_Views_-_COMMUNICATIONS.docx’, this needs to be the reflection on communication which I write about an encounter with a patient, which is also about communication. ‘Service_User_Views_-_COMMUNICATIONS.docx’ document that I have sent is all that needs to be added to section 7.

I have attached 3 exemplary portfolios; ‘KAY_-_clinical skills portfolio’, ‘clinical skills portfolio exemplar 1’ and ‘clinical skills portfolio exemplar 2’. Please could you use these, especially ‘KAY clinical skills portfolio’ as a guide, as they are all past papers which have passed by 40% or higher.
The pass mark I need to achieve for this portfolio is AT LEAST 40%, it explains on ‘Level_4_written_CRG.pdf’ the grading criteria. I would like to achieve at least 50%, if possible, with your help.