This is a 3500-word summative essay, using Gibb’s Reflective Cycle.
‘3500_Essay.docx’ is the essay that needs to be rewritten or changed around in some aspects. I have also uploaded the marking criteria and the assignment requirements for this essay; ‘Level_4_written_CRG.docx’ and ‘Summative_Assessment.docx’.

I have uploaded the feedback I received from my tutor on this essay and in what aspects I need to improve in this essay. I have also been told that I need to expand more on Gibb’s reflective Cycle, reference it where needed and also expand on the Description, Feelings, Evaluation, Analysis, Action plan and Conclusion part of the essay, and add from rest of essay into these subheadings. For analysis part of essay need to think about and include beginning to end of patient care, from meeting them, introducing yourself, bringing yourself to eye level of patient etc. Explain why you did this(reference). The conclusion needs to be written something along the lines of “In conclusion using Gibbs cycle I was able to identify strengths of own….”
Maybe find a survey on subject.
Talk about Nurse roles, consent, critical thinking, skills learned(good practice), what am I happy with, questions I asked myself and as a student what can I promote?
As much intext referencing as possible please. UK writer if possible please with UK references, such as; NICE guidelines, NHS, WHO, books ect.
Also, need more in text UK references.
I was told to include the 6 C’s NHS values, NHS Constitution and Ethics.

The peer assessment reflection chart can stay in place and no need to be changed.