Working with Library Resources and Article Summary

Working with Library Resources and Article Summary

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Finding current and useful articles from library sources is quite challenging. This is considering that we are in the age of technological advancements and information overload. Proper library search strategies are required to find the best information. At first, I used the topic to search for a useful article. I spent hours with this strategy and still failed to find a useful article. Most of the articles I got contained general information. Then I decided to divide the topic into segments. This helped find keywords to ease the search. Through this strategy, I found a useful article on a motivational theory to apply in the case study. I discovered that finding a relevant article requires a searching plan. This can also help save a lot of time.

I found an article on ‘the Influence of Social Motivations on Performance and Trust in Semi-virtual Teams’ most useful. It is a thesis written by LaBelle Deborah and submitted to Drexel University. The author conducted an empirical study to investigate the use of McClelland’s theory of motivation in forming teams that work in a semi-virtual environment (LaBelle, 2008). The study sought to determine if such teams display trust and perform well. The study found that social motives proposed by McClelland’s theory influenced trust within the team as well as performance (LaBelle, 2008).  The information is supported by scholarly sources. I found the article useful because it explains the causes of the problems among team members in the case study through the application of motivational theory, McClelland’s needs theory. The article also helped come up with an effective team motivational strategy.


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