Hearing and Film Analysis

Hearing and Film Analysis

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Essay 1: Summary and Analysis- April 28, 2020, Special Meeting

On 28, April 2020, City of Sacramento City Council held a special meeting at 5.00 p.m. Mayor Darrell called the regular session to order (City Council, 2020). There were nine members present with two attending the meeting via teleconference due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Councilmember Warren led the Pledge of Allegiance. There were three items for discussion. The first update was on the update on the Commercial Tenant Eviction Moratorium. City Council received and filed a 30-day report on the effects of the moratorium which was scheduled to expire on 31 May, 2020 (City Council, 2020). The second item was on the Emergency Bridge Housing Initiative. After a discussion on this item, the members unanimously agreed to move forward with the initiative. The third item was the review of the Local Emergency Declaration. The members agreed to continue the declaration for the welling of the community.

            During this hearing, City Council considered the inputs into the system and converted them in outputs through their decisions and actions. For example, on the first item, the City Council listened to the report on the effects of the Commercial Tenant Eviction Moratorium (City Council, 2020). While the moratorium was in favor of the tenants, property owners were being affected negatively. This demanded a fair consideration to ensure that the wellbeing of all relevant parties was addressed. After receiving the report, the members of the council had a detailed discussion on the issue (City Council, 2020). Several issues were identified including some tenants refusing to pay rents even when they had the capability and the negative effects of the moratorium on property owners. Based on the demands from the tenants and landlords, a decision was made to include all relevant parties including tenants, property owners, banks, and other stakeholders for fair mediation.

            During the special meeting, decisions were also made based on the possible benefits and costs. Members selected the course of action that would minimize costs while maximizing benefits. For example, the decision on item 1 was based on reducing the costs of the moratorium for tenants as well as property owners (City Council, 2020). The decision on item 3 was also based on reducing the cost or the effect of Covid 19 to maintain the wellbeing of the citizens.  

            Also, during this hearing, a democratic approach was considered while making decisions. This is a good approach considering that it helps to achieve a just and stable society. First, the decisions were influenced by reports based on public views and opinions. For example, a detailed report on the Commercial Tenant Eviction Moratorium that influenced the final decision (City Council, 2020). Public comments influenced the decision to pass the Emergency Bridge Housing Initiative. Also, public comments were received on the items which influenced the final decisions. Second, present members were given sufficient time to give their views and opinions on the presented issues. Third, present members were given authority to contribute to the final decision by voting for or against the motion.

            However, a limitation was identified during the hearing. Public participation was limited. Components of political systems such as the general public, organizations, policymakers, and governments function as a whole. Therefore, all the components should be involved in decision-making processes. In this case, public participation refers to the presence of the public during hearings before any decision is taken. This is an important pillar of democracy. Therefore, higher involvement of affected or interested citizens and other actors is needed for a democratic decision-making process.

Essay 2: Movie Analysis

            The Color Purple was made in 1985. It was based on a novel published by Alice Walker in 1982 of the same title. It was written by Menno Meyjes. Its director was Steven Speilberg. The main actors were Albert and Celie Johnson (IMDb, 2020). The Film is related to political science because it is about politics, powers, groups, and classes. The film focuses on the problems that affect descendants of slaves after colonialism. It is also about the abuse of power.

            The film addresses various issues faced by black women in the early 20th century. These issues include sexual abuse, domestic violence, racism, poverty, and incest. For example, Celie a black girl based on rural Georgia is continuously sexually abused by her father and had two children (IMDb, 2020). The children are taken away from her and she is given away to a widower as a wife. She is also abused by her husband. Other women such as Nettie also face violence among other challenges.

            The film portrayed the minorities, as weak, poor, and their own enemies. For example, Celie does not believe in herself. She believes she is ugly because of the dark skin. She is also unable to stand up to abuse. Sofia ends up as a maid in a racist family. Black men abuse black women. Celie advises Harpo to abuse Sofia (IMDb, 2020). However, the film also portrays black women as strong-willed. For example, Sofia stands up against abuse and even leaves Harpo after failing to change his ways.

            The film was successful in getting its message across. The film got people talking about the oppression and exploitation of Black women, especially by black men and Whites. The acting, and directing in the movie made it a success to tell the world about the problems that black women faced. The film was popular because of its overly sentimental tale that revealed truths in American history.


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