Inability Of The United States To End Cold War With Soviet Union

Inability Of The United States To End Cold War With Soviet Union




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            The existence of the relationship between the United States of America and the Soviet Union was driven by multiple interplays of ideological, economic and political factors. This medium led to the drift between their past cooperation and hence a bitter superpower conflict over the years (Leffler,2007). The differences in the political system of the two countries mostly prevented them from reaching a common understanding and therefore a continuous cold war between them, for example, the United States of America was so hostile to the Soviet Union for taking Russia out of the World War 1.

          This cold war was mainly a conflict and a struggle for world supremacy. This two rivals super powers come up into play after the end of the Second World War, and this led to the enlargement of their differences in the political, strategic interests and also economic ideologies (Leffler,2007). This differences resulted in continuous and endless conflict between the two nations since none of them was willing to give up and accept defeat. This conflict existed between them as long as the two countries were still thirsty for power and to expand their territory.

          This cold war came into existence due to the fear of communism; this ideology was being resisted by the United States of America to block the spread of this idea to many nations. In 1946 Winston Churchill delivered a speech to draw the attention of the dangers that the western democracies were on the point of being consumed by the so-called communism, he suggested a close American alliance defend the interest of abolishing this idea. This led to the existence of the cold war which was not ending (Leffler,2007).


           The cold war between the two nations existed for a long time and was not ending because they had a different ideology. This war continued, and no one was able to give up the fight and to be concerned, this was drifted to become the real war since the actual super power had to come in place. This war brought a lot of conquest between the two nations and emergence of different operations such as the Anglo-American alliance and also the American agreement to support the free nations’ fight against of other nation.

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