positive Social Changes At Walden University

Positive Social Changes At Walden University




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           A positive social change involves the transformation of human resource resulting in positive outcomes. This does happen at many levels such as at individual, family systems, organizations, neighborhoods, nationally or perhaps globally. As part of Walden community and perhaps an ambassador as most of our lectures puts it, this issue of social change has been hanging on my chest and the desire to apply it keeps on growing each day. Therefore, I have tried to promote the worth, development and the dignity of people, communities, and organizations (Aguilera, 2007).

         Walden transformed me, molded me and made me be an element of change to the society (Aguilera, 2007). Motivated by this I started changing the lives of people around me especially my closest friends. Some of which were taking alcohol, while some others were going through social pressures in their families. I was able to talk to them, and successfully I managed to change the mindset of others who begun to think and different look at their situations. Moreover, being a student at Walden, I was able to join some clubs especially the welfare clubs to help the needy students within us and also some students all over the world.

          Indeed it’s a good thing to be part of any change in the society, especially towards improving or articulating the social welfare. Society is such an important social group that we can’t ignore or assume its existence. Perhaps you may try to ignore it, but it will surely catch up with you someday. I will take this time to thank Walden community for changing me and making me be a changing tool of the society (Aguilera, 2007).

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