Worksheet for the Project

Worksheet for the Project


Using the question “What is the difference between artificial sweeteners and natural sweeteners? Or, why are natural sweeteners recommended over artificial ones?” Explain why the answer is important for understanding yourself, other people, and the world around you. In addition, you will discuss how the natural sciences have developed to help us answer these important questions. Your presentation should include speaker notes so that your instructor knows what you would be saying if you were actually giving the presentation. The critical elements of this project will be evaluated by the information in your presentation. Be sure your actual question (that’s above) is apparent in the presentation.

I want to create a Power Point Presentation on my own, please just write below.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

  1. Why is the question you identified important to you as a member of society?
  2. Natural or ideal sweeteners are formed from natural substances found in nature, they include things like organic sugar, marple syrup and raw honey and others ,this sugars undergoes minimal processing hence making it less dangerous compared to artificial sweeteners which are produce and obtained  from the laboratory after undergoing a massive processing hence making them dangerous to the human consumption. They include sugars like Aspartame, Acefultame potassium and others.
  3. This question has enabled me to understand that there are two types of sugars. One of this sugars which is also found in the market is dangerous and can lead to cancer and sometimes may hamper your immunity. This has enabled me to understand which sugars are safe for consumption and which ones are not safe. It has also aided me to gain knowledge as far as sugars are concerned to understand the products in the market and to make the right judgment to my eating habits in my diet.
  1. Explain how finding the answer to your question might impact others around you. For example, who might be most interested in the answer to yourquestion?
  2. There has been a lot of health issues in the society coursed by lack of knowledge on the right food selection for a healthy consumption. The society has suffered a lot on the knowledge of which type of food is healthy especially the sugars.
  3. My findings brought about by answering the above question has helped me to understand the right sugars to take in my diet. Starting from the closest people around me i will educate them on the issue of sweeteners by telling them that the sugars are not the same but they differ according to their source, I will share with them the effects of artificial sugars which includes; monosodium glutamate (MSG) which promotes the growth of cancer cells and is highly Neurotoxin in the body, this type of sugars when taken even in little amount as advised by the nutritionists in the society.
  1. Explain why studying the natural sciences is valuable. In other words, what is the benefit of studying topics in the natural sciences?

-Natural science as a course is very vital because it helps us to understand the world that we are living in and actually its content. The society inhabits a lot that sometimes we must have the knowledge of how they operate and their effects in the society as well as the environment at large.

-Natural science has helped the students to acquire wide range of skills that are of high value to their progress in the companies of employment and thus increasing their value and marketability in the job market. This study has helped recent graduates such as mathematics teachers, banking analyst and management consultants though the carrier choice is different.

-The students who did the topics in the natural science and wanted to continue in furthering their studies in areas like chemical industries, biotechnology, immunology and other found it very easy in handling research in those areas of studies. This is because natural science as a discipline has helped them to undergo the challenges encountered in the field of studies.

-This studies has also helped the students to have knowledge and skills to educate the society in the areas of food choice and the right balance as far as eating right is concerned.

  1. Describe the major developments in the natural sciences related to your topic. Use course resources to back up your discussion.

-In most institution worldwide there has been development or the improvement of the existing body of the natural science (Conpadre, 1998).

-Now according to statistics the natural science is now being taught in many countries and also used by various faculties in the institutions that are not even in the science side of choice such as Mathematics.

-There have also been so many organizations like the WHO which has borrowed a lot from natural science and has placed widespread teaching corners to educate the world on eating a healthy diet to avoid diseases related to them.  

  • Detail the major developments in scientific thinking that support the study and advancement of the natural sciences as necessary and valuable. Usecourse resources to back up your discussion.
  • Due to the increasing population of the people looking for looking for a  more healthy natural  and a more refined sweeteners since natural may sometimes be polluted and not healthy(Konoshima,2002).
  • The USDA placed an estimate that most consumers in the United states of America consumes more than 22 teaspoons of the added sugar per day which has been connected to the weight gain and also the developments of insulin resistance.
  • Due to this, the scientists come up with an improvement of a none caloric artificial sweeteners in the need to satisfy the public sweet tooth without stretching much of their waistbands (Chen,2007).
  • Improving the current natural sweeteners to meet the choice of the customers lead to the developments of some sugars like an improvement of a common honey which is now capable of reducing nighttime coughs and other uses as compared to the common honey that existed before.
  • How do these developments in the natural sciences and scientific thinking inform questions?
  • The natural scientists have asked a lot of questions on the ignorance of the society and the continuous increase in sales of some dangerous sugars (Briciu,2010).
  • The development of natural science in terms of knowledge has helped the scientists in answering the question of how the world will come to know the truth.
  • Discuss the obligation that you have as a citizen of your society to understand the science behind issues that impact you every day
  • As a citizen in my country am supposed to use the knowledge I have learned to help the society come out of ignorance.
  • I will teach the society on the incoming better and noncaloric sweeteners to help them abandon the harmful and toxic substance to their bodies,
  • I will also call the related bodies like WHO to my society to create awareness on the right foodstuff to have in our diet.
  • I will also encourage the society especially those capable to learn to go to school and atleast get some knowledge(Abau-Arab,2010) .


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