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                                                  Donald Trump’s Article

The article opens up a discussion on the current state of abortion in the United States of America. Abortion has been the Centre of division among the government and the organization that pretends to support and takes care of the women state of health. The article indicates the role of the government on the abortion issue trying to defund the Planned Parenthood that has significantly supported the idea of abortion. Perhaps, this has given me some strength that one time the abortion laws from the government will take the stand and the Planned Parenthood services will be uprooted (King, 2013). This medium will allow the organization such as the World health organization to have their ideas put into effect in the society.

                                                         The controversy

The people or the community in the United States of America are divided into two group regarding the ideology of the abortion services. The government stands to support the people who try to demolish abortion while the rising non-profit organization called the Planned Parenthood supports the side that encourages abortion. The controversy in this article comes in when the government is funding the group that opposes the law drafted by the government that state that abortion should only be done in the cases of saving lives. Trump should demolish these organization even if some people especially the women will strike over this issue (Starrs, 2017).

                                                         Bioethics topics

The ethics in the society refers to the accepted ways of life that a person should live. However, the bioethics moves further to connate religious dogmatism, hard-nosed rules about the wrongs and the rights that the community must learn. In addition to this, it can also mean the endless quest to find out just what is wrong or right (Blacksher, 2007). According to Aristotle, bioethics was a branch of politics since politics need to be grounded in some notions of the common good so as to develop the different laws, policies and other means to regulate the society.

The people in the community presently do not think about the implication of ethics in the society and its relevance. Perhaps, sometimes it is wise to consider the rules for living our private lives and also leaving with others and not taking it for granted. Similarly, just like the emergence of other things, the bioethics emerged as a result of the need to have a serious political, scientific and cultural changes in the society. Consequently, the establishment of the medical ethics in the hand of physicians was noticed.  This medium is the history of the bioethics that we hear in the present society (Parsi, 2011).

                                       The Teleological arguments with the bioethics

The teleological perception or rather an argument is a form of human behavior which can also be explained as the moral and non-moral according to the achievements set. The good attainment of this goal is essential and sufficient state to qualify the moral action or people’s deeds without first taking into account the next stages of measures to achieve the goals. The articulating ethical notions believe on the contrary that in every situation of our existence in the community, every duty that we make can be described as morals or non-moral according to the principles associated with the bioethical topic relating to our behavior. For example, the argument about abortion tends to rely on the consequential horizon of the bioethics issues in the nation (Stinchcombe, 2010).  

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