Nursing Grand And Middle Range Theories

Nursing Grand And Middle Range Theories

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Theories without practice are meaningless while practice without principles is blind. Perhaps, this concept will assist us to understand the significance of various theories to different organizations such as nursing. Some years back the nursing departments globally depended on theories from another discipline such as medicine to enable them to do some evaluation and other planning. However, the department so the need to have their theories, and perhaps they come up with different theories among which are the grand theory and the middle range theory. These theories are different depending on the role they play in the nursing department (Smith, 2015).

The grand theories focus on the broad and general concepts; it deals with things that are nonspecific and relatively abstract. They can be used in the variety of setting and populations and are not directly amenable. On the other hand, middle range theories do target specific concepts such as pain, stress, and others. They are more general to encourage research although they are limited in scope. It deals with concrete, and they are relatively amenable to testing (smith, 2015). These theories have assisted in the research of varies concepts such as the helping art of clinical nursing. The helping process meets the needs through the art of individuality care. The theories have helped in the observation, understanding client’s behavior, identifying the cause of discomfort of the patients and other key concepts from the clients.


Nursing research has thrived to the high level regarding the standard of approach to concepts. These are due to the developments of the theories to assistance in practice (Berger, 2015). The theories have helped to provide knowledge to aid in the improvement health practice, has guided the research process by offering a variety of facts to the research teams. Moreover, it has also helped to gain nursing knowledge which is inclusive of a wisdom of practice and valuable guide to the nursing practice. These have boosted the power of research in these nursing organization.

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