Raising Standards Trough Classroom Assessment

Raising Standards Trough Classroom Assessment

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A synopsis Of Raising Standard through Classroom Assessment

Raising the standards of learning in the learning institutions is a vital concern.  The current criteria in the schools were not that appreciative and the government together with other stakeholders came up with assessment programs, such as the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). The Third International Mathematics and Science Studies (TIMSS) to assist in improving the school planning and management by ensuring constant inspections across all the learning institutions. However, it was observed by TIMSS that any assessment without involving the teachers and the students would not help, just like the policies stated above went in vain (Black and William, 2010). Many countries like the United States and others have treated classroom as a black box and are always filling the box with various inputs and neglecting what is inside the classroom which is the important factor.

For better standards to be achieved, we should focus on what is going on in the classroom (inside the box) to ensure that student to teachers relationship is highly esteemed to enhance an interactive learning process in class (Black, 2010). A research study showed that when we improve a culture of success by making the teachers and the pupils believe that everyone can make it to the top despite the differences. This will probably boost the self- esteem of the students who were earlier inferior in performance. Additionally, to obtain the standards, we need to avoid making a comparison in the classroom which will create a distinction between the pupils. Discussions among the students and the teachers should also be monitored as this will help the pupils to gain confidence that will assist them in reach to academic levels they want to attain.

The power of feedback should be utilized by ensuring constant discussions, the test given in class and other exercises that will help the teachers gauge the level of each pupil and install adjustments where necessary. However, a more adjusting policy came up to improve the classroom work in the form of collaboration with other schools around. These were due to the idea that the problem could be beyond class and maybe could be a social and personal problem. These were implemented to encourage a practice kind of learning (Black and William, 2010).

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