he Power Of Teaching Profession

The Power Of Teaching Profession

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Teaching is a career that every person should admire to do. Its role goes beyond class work and extends to personal development. It has enabled me to develop skills such as listening skills, presentation skills and it has assisted me to gain courage for public speaking not only in class but also outside of class. Teaching is a social career that brings many minds together since it is possible to meet the young and great minds that will form the future of the universe. Additionally, it enables me to continue my vision of changing and transforming lives in class and also in the staffroom as we  share personal things that my colleagues go through in their homes and this enables me to learn more and more (Mitchell, 2014).

First, it’s my belief that all the students have talents, interest, and abilities that are unique. It is, therefore, my responsibility and job to get to learn my students and use their skills, interests and abilities to give them the right education. Secondly, it’s my belief that poverty and other life issues will not impact or hinder learning in my classroom. Third, I believe that my continuing in education or perhaps my upgrading will enable me to grow in knowledge to assist the students with the right skills. Moreover, some theories tend to explain the above beliefs. These include the metacognition theory that states that students must learn to monitor, evaluate and perhaps adjust to their approaches to learning how to manage their thoughts well (Mitchell,2014). This medium explains the belief that all the students are expected to learn and be a change.

The students learning outcomes describes what students should know, have the ability to do it, and value by the end of their education program. In my teaching career, I do make sure that the students have the four outcomes to help them in their day to day lives. These are the knowledge outcome, skills outcome, the attitudes, and values the results and the behavioral outcomes. All these represents the important aspects that the students must have acquired. However, the desired teaching methods will be first to ensure that the students have gathered the required content during lectures, and increase students participation in class to enhance the effectiveness of the learning process. After acquiring the skills, the assessment plan that I will use is the capstone that will involve a lot of performance, projects, and paperwork for evaluation (Mitchell, 2014).

Perhaps, the relationship between the students, teachers and the colleagues will be measured based on the following characteristics. These includes the effectiveness and the open communication to express and understands one another’s thoughts, the ability to share things like finances, responsibilities and perhaps other equipment, the existence of trust among them which is a confident relies upon one another. Then finally where there are respect and admiration will indicate that the relationship is positive. In part, developing a successful relationship, it’s not easy and can take time. Personally, I will develop it by appreciating every work of the students, being honest to them and perhaps my colleagues. Trying to solve their problems to my capability. Thanking them for showing my appreciating for whatever they do either towards themselves or towards assisting me. I will also ensure that they can trust me with everything such as their secrets and personal staffs (Jennings & Greenberge, 2009).

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