The Problems Faced By Human Resource Managers

The Problems Faced By Human Resource Managers

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The Human resource departments globally are faced with a variety of problems that are ranging from poor management of the company and the personnel not performing as intended of them. Human resource departments are a solemn authority in every organization that deals with the maintenance of the workforce in a firm. Their work stretch as from recruiting the staff, hiring and firing the staff and other works related to the workforce. The saline impregilo ‘’ an industrialize group specializing in the construction of the major complex infrastructure projects globally’’ human resource department is not exempted from the problems that the other agencies or firms are going through. As the companies give praises to the HR departments through the right hiring of the employees and making sure that the workers are doing the right thing, the company did not escape having problems. However, the companies face a series of problems such as some works dodging the sites and are just walking around. Moreover, apart from this, the firm faces some managerial problems. These challenges probably have solutions which can be looked at and solved (Hendry 2012).

The human resource department in this firm receives support from the executive board. The units excel in various achievements such as offering the training services to the employees, ensuring that there are weekly and monthly evaluation programs in the particular category of the employees especially on the newly graduated (Osmani, 2016). The above programs were all done for the betterment and performance of the firm by ensuring that the newly staff develop regarding the education. The HR in this company had the role or the responsibility of monitoring and evaluating the performance and development of the employees. The Department is well structured and does not limit the employees from the benefits that they deserve by even allowing the employees to air out their voice even to the top managers without limitations.

One of the challenges that are facing the human resource department in this firm is the fact that some of the newly employed workers dodge coming to the site during the working hours. The firm has a well-disciplined old staff that can work without any careful supervision from the management (Hendry 2012). They can work smoothly. This makes us focus back and look whether the problem was the pre- hire human resource management or perhaps during the recruitment that the department failed to mention some of the organization’s rules and regulations that every employee must adhere to and respect. The HR department or the coordinator needs to look at the recruitment strategy and hope they always arrive at picking the candidates and perhaps going ahead and employing them. The administrator needs some of the brainstorming ideas to assist the organization. The same problem happened when the municipality of Menden sent out one of the employees after avoiding work for 14days.

The solution that is recommended for the work absenteeism is to reevaluate the current recruitment efforts and then implements the procedures that have been adjusted. The execution of the solution would be first led by the workforce planning and hiring and then executed by immediately following the construction of the following plans. First, the departments should focus on the training of the ethics of the work among the trainees and the public to make sure that most of the people have the idea of the principles that governs the workplace (Hendry 2012). This will ensure that the people who might come to work in the company have the right knowledge concerning the work etiquette.  Secondly, the department should organize a seminar for all the workers in the company and teach them the importance of avoiding problems with the administration. The HR should also take this to me to warn all the workers who were dodging working while others were very busy working without stopping and complaining. Lastly, the HR department should award the workers who were consistent in working and even promise them good services should they continue with the same attitude (Hendry 2012).

An alternative solution to the problem is for HR to understand their role in developing the policies in a workplace. One of the jobs of the HR is to make sure that the policies of the organization are communicated to the employees even before they are employed. This medium will ensure that the employees are aware of every policy and the punishment that follows up in case they do not live to the expectations of the policies that they have been given. These will straighten the workers and will ensure a smooth running of the firm without any problems or quarrels (Hendry 2012).

The second issue that is affecting the above construction company is Retention. Conservation involves the company trying to keep and motivate the employees to stay with the organizations. The workforce is imperative for every organization, but it should not take priority in the firm’s decision-making. The employees in this company enjoyed a lot of services such as a free training and a 14 day working under the old employees as a shadow work to allow them to learn and develop from the others. They were even allowed to choose the kind of work they would like to do. All this is done in the name of keeping the employees from leaving the company. This will, therefore, make some employees think that they are imperative and they will begin to show some attitudes like absenteeism (storey, 2007).

The solution to these is for the firm to understand that the employee will leave the job under some other reasons regardless of what the company does for them ‘’ whether negative or positive’’. The employee will leave due to the poor fit with culture in the organizations, lack of interest or passion for the job and others. The HR coordinator should understand these reasons and stop having a fear of the unknown that the workers may leave the company. Instead of wasting time or concentrating pampering the other employees, the HR coordinator should be thinking about increasing the workforce.

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