The Video Clip Analysis

The Video Clip Analysis



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Video clip analysis and evaluation

The Alaska; ‘’ if by sea, why not by land ‘’ video clip is the most widely used in the United States of America institutions. This is due to its large center of discussion and the ease to understand and hence the ability to analyze the contents. In the video, the Alaska Sea ports have lots of tourism coming from different nation globally and then resting at the ports. However, the tourism seems to spend the little time and then moves on with their journey or returns to their homes. This idea opens up a problem whereby the people of Alaska are not happy with the happening and would wish to ensure that the tourist stays for some time before they return to their homes or perhaps continue to other nations. These may be traced to the lack of tourism support systems in the port that will probably make the visitors stay longer. Moreover, the residents would love to make more people come to the port in addition to the staying longer. Now a move is on the way to get more of the tourist off the boats, to the sea ports and finally to the land. However, achieving this might be great tasks, and the people with the support of the government should embrace some factors or methods to increase the tourist coming to the port and then to the land (Goeldner & Ritchie, 2009).

Since most of the people like recreational activities like fishing and perhaps swimming, the Alaska people should consider putting up river tours along the sea and then to the interior. In the video, the port has some rivers where people do go for fishing. The fishing trips should be converted to be for the tourist, and other fishing tours increased (Goeldner & Ritchie, 2009). This will enhance the number of tourists to get out of the cruise and come into the land for fishing activity. This is because most of the people love performance and fisheries will act like one.

The port of Alaska is very scenery and beautiful. However, the ports lack the vehicles and some planes for the ones who would like to fly that will take the tourists from the ports to the extensive land area and therefore stay longer as the expectations of the people (Goeldner & Ritchie, 2009). The vehicles for hire should be of modern design and attractive to attract the interest of the tourists to use them. The attraction would make the visitor use the vehicles even if they didn’t want to use them in the first place. In addition to this, the reception at the port should be effected to attract the tourists through a well-maintained goodwill that will enable the clients who have been to the ports to recommend the ports to other friends and even the relatives.

The introduction of the annual salmon run festival would probably affect the number of the people coming to the land of Alaska (Goeldner & Ritchie, 2009). The salmon festival as compared to the other runs organized by other organizations globally like the heart run which has been successful, with the same analogy, the salmon run will attract more tourists to the land. The building of the recreation activities, the tour rivers for fishing and perhaps the above salmon run annual festival will improve the number of tourists visiting the Alaska ports and then move to the land.


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