Brendan in the Secret of Kells movie

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Brendan in the Secret of Kells movie

The video describes Brendan as a ginger- headed person through his actions of trying to illustrate books and readings to people (Glaspey). Besides this, he is also an artist and likes drawing however he does not want the uncle to know about his skills. In the movie, he acts as a protagonist between the uncles Mr. Cellach and Aidan. The Orthodox as a style comes in when the Brendan respects the uncle and would not want to go against his interest just like any other child in the society would possibly live to comply with the older people in the community especially if they come from our families. To confirm this, we see that Brendan did not want to disobey his uncle and he chooses to stay and not to leave the walls of kells.

However, Brendan decides to defy his uncle Cellach and allows Brother Aidan to send him into the thick forest to look for a particular barrier to color their ink. For the first time, Brendan is moving out of the walls of kells into the thick forests. It’s quite unorthodox for Aiden to send the small boy into the forest to look for something of his interest. The movie describes Brendan to be unorthodox by his way of doing things, and this is why Aidan chooses to aid him to finish his Celtic art without his uncle knowing. These are the point of the war between Aidan and the Uncle Abbott.  Moreover, Abbott frustrates Brendan in the walls, but the boy still likes him as his guardian and would not wish to disobey him (Glaspey).

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