Legalizing Marijuana Use in United States

Legalizing Marijuana Use in United States

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Marijuana is presently the leading cause of dependence as compared to the alcohol in the United States of America. The specialist in the research said that in the year 2008, marijuana use recorded four million out of the seven million people of the age of 12 years and above that showed some level of drug addiction (Anderson & Rees, 2014). This statistics shows that for every two-thirds of the American citizen suffering from any drug addictions or dependence is actually from the use of marijuana. The habits are mainly noticed from small school children who are still going to school perhaps some are even in grade 3 and above. The drug has found its roots to the people, and some have done all their best to afford the drug to satisfy their addiction. Moreover, the young people of the age 12 years perhaps do get the substances from the adults who are close to them especially the parents, brothers, and friends (Cerda & Hasin, 2012).

The number above shows that the public administration is concerned about the use of marijuana in the society. The public cooperated with the researchers through the release of information so that the government will act upon them to save the situation. Ideally, the public is suffering from the young people in the society have entered into drugs especially marijuana. These have affected the performance of students in school, and thus the organization is grooming some gangsters shortly. The government should try and reconsider amending the laws that allow the use of marijuana with some face hideouts that the drug is helping or treating something. The public should assist the government to get rid of marijuana even in the nearby states like California (Monte & Heard, 2015).


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