South Korean Presidential Election

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South Korean Presidential Election

Covered live at CGTN new, the 19th South Korean presidential election is set to take place after the impeachment and dismissal of the incumbent President Park. The polls have been set, and the people are very much ready to choose their next president. Perhaps, in agreement with the present laws, the president will be elected on a first or single round basis. However, the candidates for the polls fights in words on qualifying themselves with the issue of the North Korean government in the making of a missile in which the government of United States of America is on the move to paralyze. The issue about the nuclear programs in the North of Korea becomes the central issue of concern as the candidate’s claims to be the best one who can handle the matter efficiently (American, CCTV,).

Mr. Moon, the candidate of the Democratic Party of Korea, says that he is open to dialogue with the North Korean leader on the issue of a nuclear missile (American, CCTV). He also added that ‘’ sanction alone will not be enough to persuade North Korea to freeze and dismantle the nuclear program’s operations that they are doing now.’’ On the other hand his opponent from the liberty Korea party, Mr. Hong says that is the government is the right one in dealing with the issue of North Korea and that the government led by Mr. Moon is too weak to handle the problem.  Mr. Hang adds that he has close ties to the United States of America and he advocates for an armed peace that will support the status quo of the society since such issue can lead to some people especially the citizen to be a target by the enemies.

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