Mass Media Development And Literacy

Mass Media Development And Literacy

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Mass Media development

The growth and knowledge of the media will continue to grow and develop into stages. The ever ending cycle of getting better and better, faster and faster, continues to be a drive for many people. The period to get informed is getting shorter and shorter each day. Many people seem to be interested in knowing what is going on as soon as it happens. This notion could find its way to the point of where the people and media will consistently predict what is going to take place (Campbell & Fabos, 2011).

How the media affected the American culture?

First of all, we may be tempted to ask ourselves these questions, what is the first thing that the American people do when they wake up in the morning, when they are done with the work and when they get out of their car? Most probably the answer that we can get is that they check their cell phones. Presently, the communication and media have a strong hold over the daily lives of the American people. We do search for answers in the media, looking to form opinions and continually learn about what in the world is affecting us personally (Campbell & Fabos, 2011). Through the media, we decide what places we are going to go, our political parties, what are the style and other things that seem to be crucial factors. The mass media has developed drastically over the previous century, and each of the changes has influenced the American culture.

                                                  Media convergence                       

This is the merging of the technological contents in the different mass media. It is the evolution of technology, where the various technical products are combined with other products to perform the similar tasks. In the year 1991, there were cell phones, television sets, computers, and radios. Each of the products was designed to perform its specific duties and roles. Presently, we have multiple technological gadgets that perform all these tasks like receiving and making calls, the radio to listen to the music, television to watch TV and movies, and computers to search the internet, in one single gadget. The constant convergence of the technology has made our lives easier as the users by allowing us to find information on the web more quickly, conveniently and efficiently. Nowadays we have the World Wide Web at the touch of fingertips such as in the IPADS and tablets (Campbell & Fabos, 2011). Most of the people can conduct businesses very quickly, consistently and perhaps more efficiently. The social networks applications on our phones allow us to stay connected regularly with our friends and colleagues at the touch of a button.

Media literacy

Media literacy assists with responsible media consumption since it gives one competence that enables the people to analyze, evaluate and perhaps create messages in various media modes. By having this information can make responsible media consumption that assists them to capture what is useful when the people try to filter information that is gathered from the press. The parents can make decisions of what movies and televisions show the children are allowed to watch. Consequently, there are some ratings that are set by the media departments, but it is our choice and responsibility whether they are allowed to view. Moreover, the media gives them the ability to analyze and evaluate whether we need the parental control of the internet sites that our children may find themselves using (Campbell & Fabos, 2011).

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