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Reader’s response’s reply

Hello, I just want to say thanks for the perfect response you have given. It is very true the way you have stated that the bumper stickers are used for various reasons especially the drivers to express their interests to the public. However, it is sometimes used to display some information to the public. Just as you have said, the bumpers have been utilized in the religious people as the source of identity to the public for the society to understand them more. In the real sense, you have explained everything just from the definition by explaining what it means. You have also done well telling based on the examples that are current like coexist bumpers stickers that are used to express some spiritual messages and to show some support and understanding. I want to say that the response I good and the sentences are flowing well.

Hey, I appreciate your reply on the bumper stickers article. Your definition of the bumpers stickers is very clear, and I like the fact that you have used plain language hence everyone can understand the message and also to the fact that the words you have used are clear and short. On the purposes of the bumpers stickers you have also acknowledged the fact that it used to pass some message home especially to the people and I like the word owners belief which indicates that you’re specific and to the point since the bumper stickers will speak on behalf of the proprietor and not everyone. When we come to the examples that you have used and the way you introduce it makes it even easier and its application to the society is very practical. Lastly, I want to appreciate for managing to talk on the two sides of the creation and evolution on explaining the Jesus fish bumper sticker.

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