Strategic thinking and planning

Strategic thinking and planning





Hello Michael,

Your post about strategic thinking and its benefits was very contemporary and has the right to the point. However, I would like to add on certain advantages that come with strategic thinking. First, it enables the leaders to think and reason beyond the lines and make effective decisions based on the performance of their duties of the leaders. Second, most of the areas or perhaps departments that are led by strategic thinkers usually achieve their goals and objectives (Tapinos, Dyson, & Meadows, 2005). Moreover, the viewpoints or rather an insight may depend on the better ways to improve the thinking ability of the leaders through enough training and a lot of reading of books that enhances the intellectual capacity of the leaders. Perhaps, I may ask this question. Why is it that strategic thinkers are more of people with some years of experience with an individual issue as compared to the new people on the field such as the newly graduated and new from campus?

Hello Brian,

First, I want to appreciate you for the post and good work concerning planning and its merits. However, on the points you have given, I would like to add on some concerning planning. The plan has helped a lot most of the business operation to work on their projects with some order and flow of things (Bryson,2011). For things to be done in order, there must be a good plan. Moreover, the insight towards planning may be to develop more effective planning strategy that can assist the small firms to move and get lifted. Consequently, the question that I may ask is, how long should people plan to make the plan better?

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