The Classical conditioning

The Classical conditioning

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The learning process

Classical conditioning is a learning process that takes place through association of the environmental stimuli and the naturally occurring stimuli. According to the principle of acquisition where the response is first established and is then strengthened after some time. When the process was hit by another driver, the first thing that happens is that he was shocked and afraid though not injured (Anderson, 2008). When the accident took place an environmental stimulus was initiated in the body or rather the mind of the professor because he didn’t expect something like that to happen at that time.

Perhaps to confirm this is when he drives back to the same point of intersection where he was hit the previous time which created a learning process and natural stimuli initiated. When he gets to the point, he got nervous and shaken due to the response generated without even the elevation of the learning process. The process behavior was influenced by the conditioning stimuli about the incident that took place, and his mind was set to respond to the situation even in the absence of the action, and that is why he decides to free himself to move in the other direction to clear his mind from the thoughts about the incident. What the professor can do is to stop pairing the conditioned stimuli with the unconditioned one. When he gets to the place of intersection, let him have other thoughts perhaps he can choose to select what he thinks and what not to think to elude the response from being created since he still wants to use the same road due to the fact that the other road is longer (Anderson, 2008).


Anderson, J. R. (2008). Learning and memory.

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