The Ethical Issues in Research

The Ethical Issues in Research





Minimizing Risks during Research

The participants in the research process are imperative, and according to the ethics of good conduct, the researcher is supposed to understand them and treat them accordingly. Therefore, he researcher should strive to minimize any psychological, legal and another risk. The researcher should respect the privacy of the individual by not indulging so much into the person’s personal life by asking personal questions that might dig into the characters like for example the asking a person about how many children does he or she has and your strangers; it doesn’t work that way. This question will disturb the mindset of the individual (American Educational Research Association, 2011). The researcher will ensure that the individuals or the participants are not personally identified except in some circumstances where the researcher should ask and seek for permission from the person so as to create clarity and remove ambiguity. The researcher should ensure that he or she doesn’t get into the individuals to avoid the casual relationship that might bring a lot problem and break relationship or marriage due to the contact and ask questions that are personal.

The research should be done with some design, viewed in a way that it ensures quality, integrity to the development of knowledge and contribution to avoid unnecessary judgment from the public that the research is conducted in a poor way and without knowledge (Oliver, 2003). The researcher should ensure that they follow the right protocol for seeking, talking and recording consent. This is appropriate and works according to the custom, legal framework and the cultural expectations to enable the participants to adhere to the principle of validity to avoid quarrel and misunderstanding that might arise between the society and researchers (American Educational Research Association, 2011).


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