The Firms Strategic Product

The Firms Strategic Product





Question 1

Product strategy is the point where the firm creates some road maps for the product to reach the different geographical areas where the customers are located. For the product to arrive at the customers and for the customers to buy and accept them, the firm must do some marketing strategy like promotion, branding and other forms of marketing that are essential for the product success. Moreover, the success and failure of the product depends so much on the customer acceptance and buying mode. So definitely, the firm should concentrate so much on the marketing process to improve the sales of the product. The products that have managed to reach the pic of the market include the Microsoft products and the communication gadgets such as the mobiles phones and laptops since the products have penetrated the market if every country. On the other hand, there have been products that have failed in the market because they become harmful to the society when used. They include asbestos which is said to be carcinogenic and also the baby formula that was unable to provide sufficient nutrients to the infants leading to retardation (Brem & Wolfram, 2014).

Question 2

The Blackberry phones are one of the best cellphones that have reached so many people in the economy. However, the likes of Tecno and other brands like Sony are now taking the market leaving behind the blackberry phones. The blackberry phones presently are not appealing to the people or rather the customers because they are a bit complicated to use and the idea of buying the applications and also the shape of the product. The repositioning of the Blackberry phones will automatically improve and make the product more appealing to the people. The form of the phone should be redesigned with the size minimized according to the client’s desire.

The clients have moved in such a way that they want big and slim phones. Therefore, the Blackberry management should reconsider these features and also add up better cameras to make it more appealing. The desired position of the blackberry industry is to sell as many products as possible and reach the global market. Perhaps to reposition the product, I will employ the best engineers and researchers to aid in the whole process. Moreover, I will conduct a benchmarking process on of the successful phone manufacturers like the Tecno and Sony to learn from them and get some ideas. The reason for positioning and repositioning of the product is to make sure that the product is made in such a way that it is appealing to the clients. The process is a marketing strategy that is found to be more successful when applied to many industries by changing the image of the product (Lusch & Vargo, 2014).

Question 3

Most of the successful organization will tell you that they spend most of their time to create a good relationship with the customers. The vision for a product and the overall management is for the client to accept and purchase the products respectively. Most of the organization looks forward to striving and compete to reach the desire of the customer, and that is why there has been some changes in the size or the nature of the products to make them more appealing. The relationship between the company and the customer will enable the client to share with the organization on how he or she wants the product to be like, what shape is appealing? The amount of money he or she will be able to pay for the product. This information will, therefore, enable the company to design the products according to the expectation of the clients. The closer the relationship between the customer and the organization the more accurate the information will be and the more particular the product will tend to meet the expectation.

The relationship is created by good communication to the customer and perhaps also by giving the first clients the best products according to the way they want it and make sure that the product is in good condition. Moreover, a customer that is close to the organization will reveal some secrets to the firm concerning the best way to put the brand and also how to do the advertising for the public that will attract and look more appealing to more people (Swift, 2001). Customer relationship is imperative, and the marketing team should research on the issue as the company creates a client relationship manager to assist the marketers in finding more and relevant information for the growth of the enterprise.


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