Practicum Experience

Practicum Experience





Research-based learning objective

The research is imperative for any studies to be complete. The doctorate nursing science is the one responsible for the teaching of the nurses and makes them have the right skills and knowledge. The essentials of this program are the clinical scholarship for advanced and evidence-based practice. The doctorate programs depend on much on the research through the scholarly articles and other sites to enable the students to make discoveries based on the program (Newman, Smith, Pharris & Jones, 2008). Moreover, the Adult-Gerontology Nurse practitioners as my specialty are concerned with the treatment of the adolescent through adult ages to the advanced ages. Based on the program a lot of research is usually done on how to handle the group since some leadership strategy will be needed to perfect the area of study. The evidence-based practice (EBP) is the process of making clinical decisions based on evidence, combined with clinical evidence. For an effective EBP, there must be a constant research to find the relevant information for the clinical staff, and those are taking the program.

The practice based objective

The method based on an objective in the practicum program is very much essentially for effective doctoral studies. Most of the programs in many universities always involve a lot of practical works to make the students familiar with the program and also to reduce the lecture boredom (Newman, Smith, Pharris & Jones, 2008). The DNS program essentials such as the scientific underpinning for practice have an objective that is focused on the patterning of the human behavior through environment reactions in the ordinary life events and some critical issues as well. Therefore, the program depends so much on the practical objective essentials due to the fact of studying the environment and the people around.

Moreover, the Adult-Gerontology Nurse practitioners are based on the study of how to handle the adult population who need some health analysis. Therefore, to control the adults, the students taking the program must make plans to perform a lot of practices to equip them with the right attitude of handling the adults. The more the practice, the more the students get the skills and perhaps the confidence to handle adults. Moreover, the evidence-based practice that has been used for the development of the programs is rather more concerned with the field work that entails interacting with the environment and the society. The doctoral programs have been advancing more and more in the practically based objectives for the success of the programs (Newman, Smith, Pharris & Jones, 2008).


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