Safety of Vaccine

Safety of Vaccine





Hello client,

I appreciate you for the research you carried out about a vaccine to determine its safety upon use or application. Ideally, sometimes some vaccines may not be safe and may result in some unnecessary reaction of the body; however, it’s not all that might affect you. I would like to begin by saying Vaccine are the best we can give to the patients against serious, preventable and sometimes deadly and contagious illnesses that have affected many people in the society (Gershon, 2008). As a nurse and have worked in this profession for some good years now, have handled several vaccines and medicine and have noticed among the medicines have administered, vaccines are the safest medical products.

However, just like any other medical product available for medication, there may be risks. Therefore, we do give accurate information about the value of the vaccines and any side effect that might occur, to enable the client to make an informed decision on whether to take the vaccine or not. Just to add on the safety issue of the vaccine, I would speak about the Federal law that states that a vaccine information statement explaining the benefits and the risks be provided before taking any dose or before allowing any patient to take any dose. Therefore, I hope this has justified your research, and you were right because some of the vaccines have the side effects just like any other medical product. Moreover, I want to finish by saying that vaccine is necessary since it can protect you from a particular disease before its invasion and have helped so many people especially the adults from some diseases (Gershon, 2008).


Gershon, A. A. (2008). Varicella vaccine: rare serious problems—but the benefits still outweigh the risks. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 188(7), 945-947.

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