The Light of Reverence Video

The Light of Reverence Video





Question 1

The society should be in a position to start respecting the religious role in the society and to give priority to everything that concerns the community. Therefore, the federal should leave the land for the religious practices to shows some respect to the original owners of the land and also for the fact that they have fought tirelessly to maintain rights and inheritance.

Question 2

The Lakota, Wintu, and Hopi communities have the same conflict over sacred land and the public in the United States of America. The fact that the wintu community is not recognized as a tribe in the United States of America does not influence the issue of justice and to follow or hear their plea concerning the land and religious activities in the same region. They are all fighting for the people to respect the place of worship. The Lakota people struggles with the climbers until they are banned from using the mountain during the month of June when the Indians are carrying out their religious activities. The same case covers and runs across the three communities that are in the region and perhaps the government gave them same justice as the place of religious activities has been respected.

The war that existed between the winnermem wintu and the proposed Ski resort that threatened to take the sacred spring where they have been conducting religious sacrifices. The tribes gathered together and fought as one to defend the sacred place of worship, and fortunately, they managed to defeat ski resort. This shows vividly that the United States cares for the religious groups and respects their religion. The nation does have sound policies that exist to protect the religious groups and the culture they practice. The Wintu community has been treated fairly though it is not recognized and is not among the native communities around. The community enjoyed the same fate and rights in the land where other communities around and are the indigenous communities like the Hopi and the Lakota. The Wintu communities are not penalized because they are few but rather enjoyed the rights and policies of the land in the United States of America.

Question 3

The wintu community faced another challenge after the defeat of the Ski resort which is the rise of the new age religious groups. The community believes that new age religious groups will offend the mountains and perhaps mock their traditional ways or practices, therefore, challenging their rights and hence a threat to their religious activities and practices. Therefore, the government is the body that has the authority and mandate to have control and the say to what should constitute the religion. This is because there might exist some religion that will tend to do evil sacrifices and other activities that undermines the rights of the individuals in the society. Therefore, the government comes in to act as a bridge to protect the citizens by ensuring that religious practices are healthy.

However, for the issue of precedence of one religion over the other, cannot be decided by the government or legal rights based on the amount of taxes. This is because the government does not have the right to appoint the religious leaders of any religion and the same applies to another side where the religious leader does not appoint the government. Therefore, the issue of the precedence should not be a concern to the government or any other legal body like the federal authority. Therefore, the war that exists between any of the two religions should be resolved amicably through the laws and policies of the land and not based on the issue of precedence or importance of the religious activities in the community. The government should handle the issue respecting and protecting the rights of the two or more religions.



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