The startup Business Partner

The startup Business Partner







Subject:  The startup business

Dear sir or madam,

I would like to take you through a startup business and how it might be a challenge to handle it especially in a very competitive environment (Burns, 2010). Ideally, I can remember one time when we began our current business with some friends; it was full of pressure as we were forced to finance the business for three months without getting anything in return and most of my friends gave. However, some of us maintained, and here we are with the firm. What am I trying to say? In the real sense, a startup business is very hectic while in the early stages.

However, am glad we are in the same business though it is still not grown to the extent it will be well soon. I know the discouragement comes to the point where we still need to finance the business but am willing to aid you with some soft loans to help you pay up your bills in case you are still interested in the partnership (Burns, 2010). The company will soon start to stand by itself and give us some returns, and sometimes you won’t believe, but that is the truth. However, if you feel that the company is somehow a burden right now and you can’t stand the pressure, am willing to buy up your shares to enable you to move to another thing of interest in case you have it in mind.  Perhaps, I have seen the future of the business and what can give us when it stands, and that is why am not ready to give up yet but rather push forward. Anyway, thanks so much and kindly waiting for your response.

Best regards


Burns, P. (2010). Entrepreneurship and Small Business: Start-up. Growth and Maturity. Palgrave Macmillan.

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