The Value of a Degree from University

The Value of a Degree from University





The Value of degree

The purpose of the degree differs in every person. Many individuals in the society especially the students have earned various college degrees for different reasons (Parter, 2002). Some go for the degree just to attain some class and recognition in the society while some go to avoid family stigma meaning they are forced indirectly to attain the qualification and others. However, the sole reason for getting the degree should be to have the right skills required that corresponds to the program that you are undertaking in the university (Stone, 2012). Another purpose of having the degree is to enable the holder to get the similar job.  The degree program should be an intellectual transformation system rather than to being a pass out center without any change. Moreover, the value of the degree should correspond to the value of the holder.

Politics has managed to change different things in many countries through the development of sound reasoning strategy. Most of the politicians talk issues that find end up to influence the behavior of the citizens. The issue of changing how students and the society view the college degree can be influenced by politics. The legislatures can enforce laws that can transform the views, for example, they can decide to make sure that the graduates from the universities are vetted with the relevant professors to make the public know the quality of the person they are releasing to the environment. Additionally, the politicians should be in a position to create job opportunities in the nations to make sure that the graduates get the jobs (Richardson & Martinez, 2009).


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