Contract and leases

Contract and leases





Question 1

The state that I have been researching on is the Ohio secretary of state. It is a country that is responsible for the registration and control of the businesses in the United States of America.  They are well organized and have a business search system that contains a lot of information on the current business entities and are based on the fillings that are on records. Moreover, they can permit the multiple methods of services, and this perhaps has attracted many people to register with the state as compared to another state (Irvin, 2005).

Question 2

Breach of a contract involves the failure without any legal excuse to perform some promises that fall as all or part of the contract. Therefore, to protect the public from business manipulation, the state gave out a law about the contract. Perhaps, According to the contract is very clear under the criminal sanction that any officer or employee who discloses the information or returns will be notified by through a written document (Irvin, 2005). However, on the further repeat of such action, the person shall be liable and will be subjected to a fine of $5000 or an equivalent of 5 years imprisonment or both. There are more penalties concerning the breach of the contract and are written by the ICRs under the supervision of the Ohio secretary of state to ensure that the each of the parties are protected from unfair treatment.

Question 3

The federal judicial systems rule differently on the matter of a breach or termination of the contract. According to their policy, the amount in dispute should be more than $75,000 for them to sit down and handle the case (Seddon, 2009). Therefore, it is very vivid that any business with a contract dispute of $10,000 will not be considered and the case shall not be heard since the amount in controversy is less than the amount stated in the policy statement. The policy has influenced some small businesses in the market due to the value factor of their capital that is very small and hence they are not able to get any protection from the policy.

Question 4

The federal court system handles the constitutional affairs of the state and the constitution according to the article 111 of the United States implies that the Constitution invests in the judicial power of the United States of America. However, the state court system handles both the constitution and the legal affairs in the entire state. It is the supreme court of the United States of America. Therefore, based on the information and the presence of the Supreme Court, it is apparent that the state judicial system has more power than the federal court system (Seddon, 2009).

Question 5

Any international online business is sometimes risky since it is mostly bound by words of agreement between the two parties. Therefore, due to some complaint of the breach, the courts have always depended on the contract of existing between the two. In the case of breach of contract, the law has stated that one of the two parties will have to loose while the other party will also have to win and get away with the funds involved. Consequently, the court has not determined the specification for the judgments but they mostly depend on the written agreement between the two businesses. The country in which the Complainant is coming from who took part in the registration of the company will be responsible for hearing the case (Zugelder, Flaherty & Johnson, 2000).


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