The importance of Technology in the Health departments

The importance of Technology in the Health departments





Question 1

Perhaps, I do agree that not all patients’ education can occur through the use of the traditional means and ways. However, the new technologies are currently filling the void through the utilization of the current technology like the online technology within their portals. It’s now easy for a patient to learn about a certain disease such us cancer through reading some articles in the media portals. Therefore, using the advances in technology, I envision the world where the traditional education becomes the starting points for the health care education that can be integrated into a perfect care using the advances in the collaborative technologies (Sultan, 2014).

Question 2

The nursing education is very much important for the development of the care in the region. The technology has improved the education systems since the nurses could use their smartphones to perform the task. Since the transaction needs some secure, the nursing education departments need to involve the communication system methods to allow the free flow of information from one place to another. The first step that I would take is to create an administration that looks like the customer care unit to assist the both the nurses and the patients, in their complaints they administer to the system.

Question 3

The cloud computing had been of importance to the world globally especially the health care to replace the extensive electronic medical records. However, the issue of privacy and security has been as issue. First, the user may be insecure that the current information or data may be revealed. Second, the user may not like the fact that the alerts to be sent automatically or frequently when someone has accessed the account. Lastly, the user may prefer the information to be reported as ambiguous rather than a precise point which is common in a cloud (Sultan, 2014).


Sultan, N. (2014). Making use of cloud computing for healthcare provision: Opportunities and challenges. International Journal of Information Management, 34(2), 177-184.

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