The Mondragon in Spain

The Mondragon in Spain






The producer cooperative mechanism is one of the best themes applied in Mondragon that has boosted its success to that great extent. Therefore, I will employ the device in my nation China where am employed or perhaps when I will open up my company or organization. The mechanism allows the employees to take part in the decision making in the business and this allows the company to get various kinds of innovative ideas that are very much essential for the development of a firm (Carberry, 2011). Moreover, the theme has also allowed the members to take the ownership of the group through their active participation in the company. Moreover, the adaptive nature of Mondragon has helped it to emerge through the economy of Spain. The medium is because the group has practiced some levels of democracy to reach the many people in the society. Therefore, it is very much important to practice democracy in our firms to allow various people from different ethnic groups. The company is meant to supply to the entire community and should, therefore, exercise democracy in meeting the client’s needs according to the policy in Spain without taking too much or perhaps sent to the economy the right product and employ the people through the right criteria.

Perhaps it is imperative to understand the present nature and the occurrence of the various risk factors in the economy where different firms are operating (Carberry, 2011). When we look back in the days when the Mondragon was facing some challenges due to completion and unemployment rates. However, the group managed to move forward and internalized what they can do to increase the productivity of the firm. They came up with workers and producer cooperatives that give the members of the group the power to take up the employment opportunities and also make the important decision in the company. It is vivid that an epiphany existed and the firm managed to look at the whole process and made decisions to avoid any future mistakes that might exist.

The article is so much inspiring, and I have gained a lot when I read the pages. Perhaps, I have developed a sense of maintaining personal development in the organization to allow the firm to move forward and make a proper decision in life. I have also learned the idea of involving the members to make various decisions and also form part of the employment team hence this gives them the power to work with the mind of changing the company for better. A leader is the one who trains the others and allows them to make serious decisions in the enterprise.


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