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Technology Discussion





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Technology is a prime factor as far as learning is concerned due to its accessibility nature to the learning materials that will be available to all students (Meyer, Rose & Gordon, 2014). The equal access based on the UDL which aims at the provision and grounded firmly in the belief that all the learners are similar and unique. Therefore, based on technology has provided strategic networks like the word processor that is available to all the students globally and can be easily accessed. The other network is the Google platform to access all kinds of learning materials.

The concept of learning environment is vital for the experienced learners to understand. The learning environment is critical since it includes the schools and the universities with various qualification levels to be attained (Rose, 2000). Perhaps in my curriculum area, the environment is the university where freedom and choice are the order of the day. Teaching and learning in this kind of situation may vary depending on some factors like disciplines and social norms that cuts across.

The technology that can be used to aid the student to acquire information and gain knowledge is satellite broadcast and telefacsimile. The satellite broadcast assists the students to get information from various sources like from the global zones to where they can access the information via their machines. These techniques are the vital sources of information such as reading materials that can aid the students to gain some relevant knowledge. Therefore, as a teacher, this is the very important observation to make to enable an efficient learning in the school (Meyer, Rose & Gordon, 2014).

The availability of various technologies for students learning is critical since the students and teachers can get different concepts that can allow for comparison. The diverse techniques might assist the students to get the right learning materials that can be used to acquire some vital skills like word processing technology that is utilized for the representation of the learning information for the sake presentation.

The new concepts and expertise is perhaps the mode of students to learn new things and get to know what they didn’t know. Perhaps all the technologies used in learning institutions are utilized in the acquisition of new skills and concepts that are vital for a change process (Meyer, Rose & Gordon, 2014). The use of social networking like you- tube can assist the students to get to know various techniques and concepts. These methods are employed by the learners through the evolvement technology like the learning equipment for new ideas. On the other hand, technology can assist in the motivation of the students through the ease to work things out through the online media. Additionally, the technology has provided a medium that is interesting through the availability of the learning materials over the internet that can allow the teacher to exercise instructional duties.

Representation is a principle of the inclusion of the UDL, and it aids the learners’ diverse ways of acquiring information and knowledge.  The knowledge is represented in various forms such as the word processor for a show of the learning materials that have been learned through the entire process. One example of the representation is the use of word processor and PowerPoint mechanism to represent information as in the case of the design formula. My friend, the information that has been acquired through various sources is to be rendered to different purposes to enable the continuity of the learning process (King-Sears, 2009).


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