Electronic Drafting

Electronic Drafting






The telecommunication equipment design

The transmission links allow the connection of the nodes in a single phase. The communication nodes use the circuit switching and the packet switching to pass the signal through the right links and nodes to reach the right destination terminal. These include examples like the design elements were the creation of the Telecommunication network was done using the concept pro programming and the perhaps the vector drawing software technology extended with the telecommunication software design solutions (Razavi, 2012).

The telecom companies in collaboration with the designers use the technology to create the programs and the expected changes that need to be done in the equipment. The drafters in the communication department will apply the technology to come up with the various telecommunication equipment shapes of the gadgets and the expected improvements or changes according to the global market trends (Ravi, 2011). Therefore, before implementation of the designs, the teams are expected to present the shapes and images of the gadgets and this is always done through computer due to the emerging trends in the society today. This medium is done through the use of various drafting software like the AUTOCAD to make such designs possible. The designers have done the presentation easy because the audience can understand them easier than the manual drawings.

The telecommunication equipment like the vector stencil library has 32clipart images of the telecommunication network systems and equipment to draw or to sketch the telecom networks diagrams for implementation and also to display various components and the connections in the telecommunication networks. The diagrams are often created or made by the system engineers to plan the telecom network details. The telecom network diagrams drawn through the computer aided design can be used to visualize the level of security and the user access to particular equipment and data in an appropriate system margins. The diagrams of the networks can also assist the company and the users to identify the weak points of the whole network grid or just a part of it in the system and make possible remedies (Shiers, 2010).

telecommunication network diagram example


Electronic drafting is an important technology applied in most of the engineering departments such as the architecture, quantity survey groups, the electric departments and also the mechanical departments. The representation of the idea in diagrams allows people to understand the fact more than just works and more reason can be applied to the charts. The notion has been used in the telecommunication industry for the creation of new designs before launching the manufacturing phase and also seeking for new changes regarding technology.


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