Introducing world missions

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Introducing world missions

According to a book, missions has been defined as a particular work that is done by the church or any agencies with the purpose of reaching people for Christ by crossing the cultural boundaries or borders (Moreau, 2002). On the other hand, the mission is considered wider since it involves everything that the church is doing that is directed toward the kingdom of God and is perceived to be the central idea of God, and the people are the partners in his agenda. Moreover, the mission is God centered rather than people focused since it is done according to the decrees of God.

Perhaps, my previous ideas were that mission was about moving from one geographical place to another preaching the word of God (White & Daughton, 2012). It wasn’t clear to me that there was a difference between missions and mission and I perceived them to be the same and not as I have read in the book. On the other hand, I knew from the time I was young that God is the master of everything and therefore I knew that he is the one that controls and guides the mission as well even though it involves the people performing the work (Moreau, 2007).

I took part in missions during early days when the church organized for a trip to South America to preach the word of God. The experience was great as I learned what people go through in life and also the diverse cultural activities. In this class, I would like to find out more about the word of God and what is involved in the mission and missions work. I would like to know more about the bible for more understanding.


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