Promoting Quality in a Hospital

Promoting Quality in a Hospital





Question 1


The transformation or change has been a problem or an achievement for most organizations in the society today. Some of the people are always resistant to change or transformation because of the fear of the unknown and the absence of some old folks around the organization. Therefore, an organization should be focused to create a quality standard in the hospital concerning their services and care for the patients in the hospital. The quality of performance is relative to the payment of the patients (Bate, Mendel & Robert, 2008).

As a newly appointed CEO of the hospital, I would learn the previous projects first to be familiar and interact with the workers to create that mutual relationship. The first step in ensuring quality work in the hospital is by first building a mutual relationship between the nurses, doctors and other staff members to promote the quality mission (Ulrich & Kear, 2014). The next is to identify the problems that have disabled the quality of work in the previous management, and this can be done through employing a survey team to find out the issues. The next step could be training the teams and group of personnel in the hospital on the importance of embracing quality work in the provision of services and cares for the patients. Moreover, this will involve the use of right skills in the treatment and handling of the patients and therefore train them will make sure that quality is attained.

The right and proper communication is an essentiality in the provision of quality service in the hospital. As a CEO of the hospital, training the staff members on the right communication with the patients and visitors especially in the reception department also required. The proper communication also from the nursed and the patients are also recommended to be of high quality (Ulrich & Kear, 2014). This medium will ensure that patients mood and attitude is improved which guarantees a proper understanding criteria that can only be achieved through active discussion. Moreover, there will be a quality assessment project based on time keeping among the workers to ensure that the patients are also treated on time. The modern medical equipment like x-rays, MRI, and other equipment will be added for a quality of work and record keeping through the developing technology and to analyze some conditions that require skills.

Since quality is also entitled to the right and skilled personnel, who understands the profession. This medium will be done through making sure that the human resource management does the right hiring and recruitment. The applicants with the proper credential will be hired for the quality to be enhanced in the department.

Question 2

There has been an increasing focus on quality throughout the United States.  When talking about the issue about sufficient quality and also the quality movement, we mean the all the improvements towards the needs and wants of those who pay the cares and service provided in the hospital. As a CEO, to make sure that the provision through the right behavior is achieved to affect the aspect of quality. The wrong behavior and misconduct perhaps may influence the quality aspect in the health care and therefore should be dealt with appropriately. This can be done through some ways (Ulrich & Kear, 2014).

Driving out the fear in the organization will be a good project to make sure that quality improvement is achieved. Just as the Japanese say goes ‘’ every defect is a treasure, ’’ and this captures that every problem and errors in the organization should be identified and then solved (Ulrich & Kear, 2014). However, in most of the cases, we find some of the staffs are afraid to determine the defects in the organization because their weaknesses will be identified and also some will think that with the changes at hand, then the previous ways of doing things flowed.  Therefore, I will make sure that the fear is done with through training and establishment of good rapport with the staff.

The other enemy of quality is the lack of confidence among the staff. It is apparent that errors will appear in the cases where the workers don’t believe in the skills they have, and this might diminish the level of service provision in the right way (Nance, 2008). Therefore, skills combined with a behavior of confidence will do a quality service to the people. In response to these, the health providers will be trained, and their confidence stirred up through human relation and psychology techniques to make them believe that their skills are very much essential and efficient in whatever manner. The hospital cannot function properly without workers who are proud of the performance they bring to the people in the health care. Therefore, my managers will make sure that the employees are assisted through a creation of job responsibility, and the achievement standards are understood. This can also be done through building a strong relationship between the managers and the workers in the health care and also provision of the necessary tools for work.


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