The public policy issue

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The public policy issue

There have been a lot of talks on the social media and news desks on the issue of abortion in the United States of America. The political docket has not been left behind in the talk as President Trump tries to move his way to settle the issue of public policy on abortion. In the recent past abortion was banned in almost 30 states until the Supreme Court made a decision based on the pressure of some of the women in the United States. I have observed a public concern of the society especially the political domain giving their views on the abortion policy (Luker, 2017).

According to our week two study on public policy, state and society in history we learned that is a scientific framed instrument that for achieving an imagined ideal future of the community by preventing some unwanted situations and providing solutions to some adverse situations in the society. Therefore, based on the learning we come to understand that the abortion policy in the society is an issue that the community seeks to abolish to come to the future that is clear and have respect for the health of the people. The community comments on the social media and the concern of the political domain indicate a sign of change that is in the hearts of the individuals in the United States as for the modification of the public policy in the 50 states and stop the current abortion policy. For example, there has been a lot of opposition towards the policy, and recently a group went to the media and other social media opposing the proposed Toledo public policy on abortion clinic access. According to the week two studies on the public policy analysis, we can relate that the abortion policy lacked the correct sense of important issues and that is why it brought more of public opinion and disregard (Luker, 2017).


I personally the current news on the subject of abortion policy in the United States of America is so far the best way to handle the issue. The world leaders especially President Trump’s stand and opinion of the same gives a clear direction on the facts about the policy in the political domain. According to Lisa Wilson political science, abortion is unethical since no one has the right to take another person’s life. The immoral issue has made the policy that was passed on the abortion legalization in more than 50 states become a constant talk of the day in the news and the all the social media (Luker, 2017). The concern and the direct attack on the policy have been because it has not proved its effectiveness but has claimed and risked the lives of many people in the society especially the young ladies who don’t understand the health danger of abortion. The negativity of the policy to the community brought more of the concern as people wanted a change to what was passed without involving the opinion of society but rather was built on the selfishness of some of the top political personnel in government by that time.


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