A reflection paper

A reflection paper





Never eat alone

The book provides guidelines on the most important relationships that can lead to success in the business world. It is important to grow and widen the networking systems within the society in meeting the right people who can bring the desired success and achieve the set goals. Moreover, success adheres to several principles such as having the right mindset that it can’t be made alone and perhaps important people like mentors and competitors are needed in this journey of success. According to Keith, individuals who have created an extensive relationship with others have always built great businesses in the society (Ferrazzi & Raz, 2014).

 Another principle is about goal setting and it vital for people to have the goal is life to acts as a guiding line. These goals can be obtained through asking others who understand and knows you better what they perhaps think about your strengths and weaknesses to know the areas that you can seek for assistance. Skill setting through researching on people and finding out what they do is an important principle in the success of the business (Ferrazzi & Raz, 2014).

Perhaps, what I learn from this book is that people are important promoters in life especially in the world of business. This is because you need them in one way or another to assist you in meeting your goals and achievements in life through purchasing of goods and services, through partnerships and also advice (Ferrazzi & Raz, 2014). Therefore, the greatest investment in the society, especially in the world of business, is through people since the returns are valid and real. Therefore, a business person should strive to establish relationships just as the article states ‘’you can’t walk alone in this life and if you do, then you won’t go far.’’


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