Green washing in The Market

Green washing in The Market





The green marketing

Being green is the hot marketing topic and strategy that is being used by most of the businesses in North America and other states. Therefore, with the high and ideal explosion of the green marketing that is being used by most of the firm to attract and make the profit while on the other hand the public is rapidly becoming inundated with the claims from the marketers by finding it more and more difficult in believing the claims made. In many of the cases, the claims that are being made to the public as the consumers don’t appear to be accurate and true (Dahlstrom, 2010).

Green washing is the act of misleading the public about the environmental benefits of a given product or services by a company. Therefore, other than the deceptive nature, there are other real challenges with its existence in the global market today. For example, it is the actual truth that cosmetics and the fossils fuels are very destructive and can course harm by using the natural and organic claim of the even when the product is not of natural origin and has some Hormone disruptor. This claim can be very discouraging to the general public. As a marketing executive, I would have a policy against green washing due to that I believe that ethics should also be applied in business to ensure that what you say is exactly what the product can perform. The general truth is essential in most aspect since when the customers identify that you have been lying to them all along, it will be another case that is against the law and perhaps you might lose the grip of the market (Dahlstrom, 2010).


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