Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management






The selected person would go through the organization policies which include the reporting time and closing time, the dos and dons of the firm. This is done to ensure that the hired person gets familiar with the culture of the new company (Bamberger, Biron & Meshoulam, 2014).

Most of the time performing manual advertisement on the public degrades the seriousness of the firm and also leads to the wrong selection methods that are tiresome and inefficient. Therefore, I will develop an advertising process that meets the right audits and legal requirements and also run the vacancy over the internet (Haines & Lafleur, 2008). The applicants should fill up the application form on the internet and place the required credentials online. Therefore, this will allow the firm to select two or three people who would come for the interview. Moreover, I will also ensure that the selection process is done in the skills competition and not on discriminatory factors like race and cultural diversity.

I will write an audit report based on the use of the previous selection methods that the business have been using and also highlighting the merits and demerits. On the other hand, I will also draft a report of the current recruitment and selection methods that are being used on the market today (Meredith, 2011). Therefore, based on the factors I will easily convince the top managers to support the work and make sure that the improved human resource strategy is implemented in the policy program of the firm. I would also mention one of the known businesses which updated the recruitment and selection process and the benefits they have attained since the implementation.

I will produce a policy work document and make a copy for the staff to read and understand. Moreover, I will also ensure that the policy and procedure draft is placed at a visible place where everyone can see and access. Nonetheless, daily learning of the policy and procedure will be conducted by the firm to make the relevant hired staff updated and understands the culture of the enterprise. The duties will be useful even for the other old team just for a reminder purposes (O’Brien & Marakas, 2006).


A human resource manager is an important person in any firm. The person makes sure that the right staff with the right credential is recruited and selected for the position that is available. If the process does not go well and the wrong person is taken the blame will be on the manager. They also ensure that the company attains its goals through the efficient performance of the employees through effective communication methods between the employees and the employers.


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