leadership Dynamics Discussion

Leadership Dynamics Discussion





Question a

The classmate indicated the kind of leadership at the mid-city homeless shelter that is led by Ms. Myra Allen.  It has been shown that the leader is very never considerate to allow the decision of other managers to apply in making the decision. Moreover, she uses a dictatorship kind of leadership where only one person makes a final determination as described. And perhaps, it’s clear that such leadership creates hostility at the working place. The leadership practiced in the case study always makes the rest to feel unwanted, and in most cases, people will tend to withdraw from such organization. Moreover, it has also touched on the real withdrawal of some of the volunteers due to the dictatorship of Ms. Allen (Thach & Thompson, 2007).

 For example, Ms. Claudia Williams a senior volunteer in the programs meets with a donor who claims wants to withdraw their donation due to the bad leadership. The registration of the program and the branches as discussed in the case vividly shows the absence of accountability from the top leaders (Thach & Thompson, 2007). The originator of the organization Pastor Allen exempted the tax forms from the program. However, the members and all the partners are not aware of whether the organization is stand-alone or it’s under the mid-city Baptist. Leadership practice for the nonprofit organization is linked to the provision of financial supporters and stewards while for profit organization they are based on the style to bring up more people for the support.

Question b

Leadership competency in the nonprofit organization has been discussed in details. A good manager of the non-profit organization ought to act in the three codes to validate the aspect of competencies (Posner, 2015). The leadership ought to concentrate on building the teams to enhance good relationship to encourage cooperation and the sharing of information among the information. A competent leader improves the aspect of urgency in the decision-making process to shun delays that could affect the progress of the business. The necessity aspect results into quick decision making and hence progression element in the management terms. Additionally, a level of competencies is achieved through the ability to attain the set goals based on the effectiveness of decision-making process that is first and cooperative. This involves a large group decision to execute the plans of the organization through great and various thoughts that are then turned into actions from the managers. Therefore, the information that has been given cuts across the entire systems that represent a competent leadership according to the non-profit. The competency is fundamental in the lead content in an organization since it allows for good management that encourages team building and hence success (Thach & Thompson, 2007).

Question c

Various principles have been given out to attain for the required recommendations. Moreover, engaging in a shared leadership by allowing power sharing from top to bottom would boast the success process and cooperation. Therefore, a nonprofit organization needs to make sure that this is done to make to promote cohesion and good governance that would also attract donors and supporters. The team needs to advocate and serve the clients in a suitable manner with diligence that would allow for respect and goodwill performance. Moreover, the program needs to recommend real leadership and not the dictatorship as seen in the earlier context in the case (Thach & Thompson, 2007). The student has brought variety among the stated above as recommendation factors to the organization.


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