My life plan

My life plan





My life plan

I have a short and long time plans that I want to achieve in this life. My short term ambitions are to first complete my degree course in psychology which am only remaining with three classes which can take me approximately three months. Therefore, I see myself working in one of the biggest canceling organization in the states making $50,000 every year. I always believe that my values like Honesty, integrity and keeping the secrets of people and friends around me will make me reach my goals and achieve the best in the society. I am also a very ambitious person who believes that nothing is impossible and also like interacting and listen to the people more. The communication and leadership skills that I have learned from the campus since I got admitted are perhaps an achievement to reach my destiny and the set plans (Riley, 2009). However, lack of essential resources has always been a challenge to me for the attainment of the goals that I have plan especially the long term.

The primary drive for my vision and mission in this life especially in the long run is to become a happy and very productive person to the society.  Ideally, value a happy community where the individuals understand themselves more and more. Additionally, in some years like for example between 4-6 years after my graduation and having worked for some time, I would like to open my psychology firm. Besides that, I would like to master my course and get masters in psychology to move to the next level of the education world. Through this, I believe I will make the society and my life, and the life of others will be perfect (Larmore, 2007).


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