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Personal Biography





Personal biography

He was born in one of the cities in California where he was also brought up. He is 45 years of age now and is living with the family in California. Moreover, he is a secular man who believes religion and consistently goes to worship God together with others. He is also a hardworking person who believes that success comes from studies and driving out ignorance. The past youthful life was full of adventure and much interaction with the people around especially the students and people of the same age group.

The background of his education is straight with the successful continuation from one level to another. He went to Paralegal school where he passed well and decided to move on to the next level of education. Consequently, he proceeded to the next step where he attended the Arizona state university in California for a degree program in psychology where he passed well and was award a B.A document in the field. Despite the degree in psychology, he wants to apply for the B.A in law in the same university. He became interested in law during his studies in Paralegal school.

Throughout his life, he has been placed in leadership position regularly. For example the top scholastic owners of each grade during the studies in the paralegal school, the patrol leader of the counseling club and also a member of the welfare group in the same school. One of the leaders of the church youth organization for two years in high school and an active participant of the student government in the Arizona regarding providing for consultancy issues that they would like to know about controlling the students since it needed skills and understanding.

His interests are broad and varied in regards to building the society by making it be a better place to stay. For example, while in the Paralegal school, he managed to participate in various co-curriculum activities and the social clubs that allowed him to understand people around especially the students. Through this, he managed to capture some skills in interaction, and he, therefore, gained interest in the study of psychology at the higher education level. Because he loved staying with people, he wanted to understand how to talk and listen to them more efficiently. Most of his time he was spending learning the interest of the students in the schools especially during the university period where he managed to practice his course with the constant interaction with the students and the teachers.

When he was 18 years old and still a young man in his early stage, he applied for a job in one of the unique and important arms in the state of California. Therefore, due to his capabilities and enthusiasm, he managed to join the Navy forces in his nation where he worked for some time as he was seeking to move ahead with the education and meet his childhood dreams that were about to fade. He was absorbed in the Navy department due to his excellence regarding hard work and the knowledge in swimming. During his childhood days, he spent most of his time going for swimming games with the friends and therefore he gained many skills on the same field. Moreover, he loves to read novels, watch movies travel and learn when he is not working.


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