Preventing catheter-associated urinary tract infection

Preventing catheter-associated urinary tract infection





Nurse Educator

As a nurse educator, am charged with the role of assuming leaderships in curriculum, instructions, and evaluation of the students. Therefore, the competencies I gained through the knowledge and practicum experience in the prevention of catheter associated urinary tract infections to engage the students in their learning and also to widen their vision of patients and the communities with the conditions (Ursuy, 2015). Therefore, I will ensure that they understand how to handle and assist the patients in the prevention of the conditions. These will include continuous practical tests and visitation to most of the hospitals around.

The prevention strategy and experience of CAUTI is perhaps maintaining a closed drainage systems and an ongoing urine flow within the habitation, coming up with improvements programs and plans to attain the use of catheters, proper hand hygiene and the use of aseptic techniques and the sterile equipment for insertion. Therefore, as a nurse educator, I will make sure that all the above prevention methods of the infections are understood fully by the students. I will make sure that they know how to use the portable ultrasound devices that are perhaps can be used to access the retention of urine from the system to reduce the unnecessary catheterization. Hence, the students will understand this even through keeping themselves clean because I will make sure that it starts with for example situations like hand wash. Most of the practice will be performed in the training centers, especially within the health cares. Moreover, I will ensure that the students deliver the clients care for the prevention of the infections proficiently across the diverse populations (Ursuy, 2015).


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