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According to the described scenario in 1992, the United States described the medical residency as being responsive mainly to the service needs of the hospital within the state. Therefore, in this kind of situation, I think the medical residency should consider the young physicians that are starting practice within the states before hiring the foreign medical graduates because of the young nurse. Physicians and any other medical students have first knowledge of our native nation, and therefore they have the rights skills in handling the patients in the hospital based on the fact that there is the mutual understanding of the patient and the physician (Young & Kroth, 2017). In the case of considering the foreign medics for the job gaps in the state instead of the young physicians in our nation, then our people will lack jobs and unemployment cases will be heard as a national problem shortly with the same effect taking place.

 I think the priority regarding job opportunities should be given to our citizens to apply and fill the positions before any other nation. Even though we understand that the physicians in the United States of America are not trained to enter into the field immediately after the graduation from the medical school, something should be done to assist in the issue. I dearly believe that our young medics can do best in the field in the case where the hospital provides an environment for the practical application. I would suggest that the medical board should try to work out the proceedings with the training requirement with the medical schools and an adequate consideration of the residency projects (Young & Kroth, 2017).


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