Role of Liberal Arts in American education and society

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Role of Liberal Arts in American education and society

The liberal arts are involved with the study of subjects like History, languages, and literature that are intended to provide the students with the general knowledge about the society rather than just to develop them into some profession. Therefore, through the liberal arts, the American education has improved significantly by providing the universities and the colleges to prepare the students to take important roles as active citizens in the democracy of the United States, through helping the students develop an efficient reasoning. And perhaps a listening skill that allowed them to participate effectively in the public debates about the great issues of the present times. This medium has improved the quality of the American education through practical means that have made the world to admire and seek to study in America (Nussbaum).

Moreover, through the liberal arts, the most intractable problems in our social life can be addressed and understood amicably. The study has enabled the students to understand the society in which we live and the most processes that take place and the people in it (Downey and Gary). Through the study of literature, the students have come to understand one another and how to solve some life skills in the society. For example, the disputes over the religious fundamentalists and the modernizers have the important role to play in the current political and social life. Moreover, through the liberal arts, the society now harbors responsible citizens who can reason out issues through facts and details. The systems have replaced the old society where the public did not have the listening skills and therefore hindering the power to understand and make solutions. Therefore, the liberal arts education should be encouraged in the entire universe (Altbach, Philip, Liz, and Laura).

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