The role of Human resource manager

The role of Human resource manager


Due to the advancing technology the company will be forced to change the reward systems to reward the most successful employers and also the team as well. There has been the issue of just rewarding an individual and leaving others who might have contributed to the success of the person (Deloitte, 2017). The human resource should take this note and ensure that everyone in the company is appreciated and rewarded for the sake of building a better team spirit that will spur up the success of the company and also building the individual effects. Despite the use of the past technology for management of the human resource, the facts about the emerging technology and the shift to the reality apply for all aspect of the company system.

The efficient administration of the employees in the organization is an essential factor to be considered by the human resource managers. The human resource should ensure that the employees are paid on time; regular training is done for skills development and programs such as staff relocation and others (Deloitte, 2017). Therefore, the management roles need the use of technology to ensure that the payments are made efficiently and accurately for satisfaction. These will benefit both the company and employees through the minimization of the errors and other mistakes. On the other hands, training needs to be done based on the current technology through the use of computers and other programs such as software.

 The creation of new on-learning and culture for exploration and discussion will allow continuous invention in the company. Since the human resource role is to ensure that the firm succeeds through the proper management of the human force, there will be a need to make sure that corporations are allowed for the purposes of exchanging ideas (Deloitte, 2017). This media will allow for the constant development of new ideas and methods of doing things that will boost the performance of the company. The factor will merge the business and the individuals to the new reality through the advanced technology that is running the global market today.


The human resources have been applying the conventional roles such as hiring, educating and other functions. However, due to the shift in technology in the global market, the need to learn how to affect the process has been a concern for the betterment and the satisfaction of both the needs of the company and employees. The previous functions according to some of the people have led to the underperformance of most business. For example, the Microsoft Company coming up with other human resource technology likes the reinvention of the performance management. Therefore, I believe that the human resource has the power to shift and make changes. The effective management is the greatest transformation that the HR will apply for ensuring the needs are reached. Management will involve ensuring that everything moves as planned (Deloitte, 2017).


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