Comparison between Apple and Microsoft

Comparison between Apple and Microsoft






Most people find it difficult to differentiate between apple and Microsoft based on other features other than the name and brand.  They typically mix them, though they seem similar in their role, they have various dissimilarities. Microsoft and Apple are two largest companies in the world regarding computer manufacture and the electronic industry for consumers. They have various similarities and differences in their application and features that can be used to describe their role in the market. The two technology companies launched their corporative structures almost the same period to each other. More significantly, the paper will address the various similarities and differences between the apple and Microsoft technological companies in the globe (Helft & Vance, 2010).


Both the Microsoft and Apple have the highest earnings that are experienced in the broad market and the magnitude of clients served. Through the entire market, the two companies serve about 90% of the entire population in supplying their gadgets such as the computers and the phones that are widely used by the youths who form almost half of the entire global demographic.  Moreover, both companies are the best innovators through the changes that they make with the change in technology. The two companies have been improving their operating systems over and over based on the new application that they want to bring to the world.  Both the two companies have their operating system for changing their software on the new application. Both the companies use the innovation as the center of improvements on their products through changing their features and roles in the application made. The company‚Äôs ventures are based on the international orientation that has the power to improve their market structure. Moreover, both companies aim to make a profit from the people and change the technological system (Helft & Vance, 2010).


The apple company is known for making its personal computers such as the Macintosh and other electronic gadgets like the iPhones, IPad and the iPod. The items are steadily improved in the company through the development of the former to make a better item and hence to make them consumer oriented through a receivership program.  The products have been received well in the market due to their applications and effectiveness (Helft & Vance, 2010). In the software market, Apple has produced the ilife creativity and multimedia technologies on software. On the other hand, Microsoft company is best known for the operating systems, for example, the Microsoft word, excel and the windows application that is featured on both the phone accessories and the computers designed by the company. Moreover, the Microsoft company opts to develop new ideas that can penetrate the market and dominate while the apple company enjoys building new ideas and make them big for the future improvements on their application and role in the market.  Moreover, the Apple Company identifies the small technologies and notions that are not yet exploited and develops them to give an appeal for winning the market through the innovative ideas, for example, the use of the Multitouch systems. On the other hand, the Microsoft identifies the technologies and notions that have been exploited and make them part of their success through venture market.

The Apple Company enters the market with the approach of developing a new product with the aim of profit generation despite the nature and the type of the product. On the other hand, the Microsoft Company enters the market with the view and purpose of dominating despite the rate of profit it makes whether less or more. Additionally, regarding the marketing of the internet strategies, Apple Company is using a minimalist marketing strategies and design depending on the market structure. The company concentrates on the minimum and assumes that the internet users do not need to search through endless options. The company designs the strategy with the idea of dealing with clients in less time and with more money. On the other hand, Microsoft is intended to give the customer more than one option, and it believes that the clients spend more of their time searching for the effective options based on their understanding. The company targets customers with more time but have less money. For instance, the Apple Company offers only a single option on purchasing the music tunes such as the iTunes while the Microsoft Company gives offers thousands of options and various criteria (Arthur, 2014).


The two companies have diverse roles in the restructuring of the communication systems of the universe. The role and the application development of the two companies allow for making a distinctive separation of the two companies. The profit-oriented companies have diversified their market strengthens through innovation and market identification. For example, the Apple Company concentrates on consumers with less time but have more money while the Microsoft Company focuses on customers with more time and less money. Therefore, through the differences, the companies also share the same innovation and technological systems such as both have operating systems.


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